Noise bariers in M-50 motorway

We develop projects in engineering and architecture in all its phases: feasibility analysis, preliminary studies; draft, basic, and construction projects. This facet also made in the preparation of technical documentation for tenders, where the develop of solutions tailored to customer needs it’s the most important, especially in relation to delivery times and budget.

Our team of engineers and architects is complemented with other resources that may be required for the development of each particular project, by specialists in different fields who work with us regularly and are involved in achieving the objectives.

The main activity areas in which we work, are summarized in the following non-exhaustive list:

Restoration of civil works

we have carried out projects of integration and restoration of numerous works, in which we design specific solutions taking into account any existing conditions.

Sound insulation

we develop the design of the constructive measures which are derived from acoustic surveys, so the work can be performed with the maximum guarantees of safety and efficacy.

Cistus clusii in restoration

Parks and Gardens

we develop the design of gardens, both public and private, using the latest techniques and criteria of sustainability and economics.

Quarries and gravel pits

we develop all phases of projects of mineral resources, including both the mining and processing of environmental permits.

Landfills and deposits of materials

we study and develop projects according to existing possibilities in each case, looking for solutions compatible with existing legislation in this area.

Quercus coccifera in restoration

Reforestation and forest management

we carried out forestry projects with a broad vision of possible uses of the forest, maximizing performance at all levels (environmental, economic, social ...) to ensure its long-term sustainability.

Hydrological restoration and correction

designed as off actions (levees, restoration of channels ...), as within larger projects or plans of a wide area (watershed studies).

Use planning and natural resource management

we study each individual case, seeking to satisfy customer needs with criteria of sustainability and economic viability.

Information point design

Building and special designs

we carried out construction projects of singular elements, usually in addition to other projects (points of environmental information, wildlife rehabilitation centers, singular industrial warehouses...)