SILVOTEC is a company renowned in the field of environmental consulting, an area which encompasses the work associated with any needs that may arise in relation to our clients to:

tree affected by urban pollution

Preparation of tender documentation for tenders and bids

we collaborate in the drafting of various documents customized for each company and competition in order to obtain the highest possible score in the evaluation of the bid. We know the most important aspects to emphasize and which are valued by the promoters of the competitions.

Reports and environmental assessments

related to the business world, analyze their impact on the environment and describe the measures designed to minimize and plan follow-up.

Waste management plans

any activity where waste is produced (mainly in the industrial sector) needs to understand and properly manage their waste. We develop the plan carefully studying all the processes that generate waste, seeking solutions to minimize the quantities produced and proposing the most appropriate measures for management.

Construction and demolition waste management

Studies of Management of Construction and Demolition Waste

according to recent legislation (RD 105/2008), in this type of work requires a specific study to ensure its proper management. In this field we have conducted numerous studies for various types of projects, from small building works to major infrastructure projects.

Reports of contaminated soils

framed within the requirements of RD 9/2005, we develope the report in accordance with the scope defined in the same, in order to assess the risk of contamination associated with the activity or to determine the possible existence of contamination in soil.

Reports for compliance with legal requirements

we analyze the environmental legal requirements applicable to an activity and evaluate the degree of compliance. Based on this study we can propose measures and actions required to adjust the operation of the activity to the law.

Training course slides

Environmental training and courses

we have conducted numerous training courses tailored to the needs of our customers, in which we prepare the content and most appropriate resources to the objectives of the training.

Environmental training and courses

As a service much in demand today, we have conducted training activities for both companies and for professional groups interested in acquiring knowledge in this area.

Reused water

Plans for Sustainable Water Management

these are studies that examine the water consumption of an activity, so as to promote the rational use of water resources, utilization of alternative resources and protection of supply systems and sewerage system and purification.

Environmental Management Systems

We advise on the initial steps (Preliminary audits) and implementation of environmental management systems under the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004.

Sunflower and insect

Ecological products and sustainability. Ecolabel

we carried out studies on the possibility of minimizing the impact of a project or activity in relation to consumption of raw materials, exploring the possibility of using recycled or reused materials. In the same way we examine the recyclability or reusability of them after the later life of the project.