GIS study Environmental Monitoring: noise measurements

We participate in the process of environmental impact assessment, regardless of the scope of the project pipeline. We advise the customer on the procedure to follow to achieve clearance of the project and documentation and additional technical studies required for each case.

Also, we perform environmental monitoring of the project, both at the stage of labor exploitation, according to the requirements to check the administration and customer needs.

The various services we offer are:

Preparation of Report Summary

initial document for the procedure in which the sponsor informs about the project you want to make to the Environmental Authority, from which they define the specific procedure to be followed and the extent of the remaining documents to be developed.

Environmental Impact Studies

The EsIA document is technical analysis of the project from an environmental point of view, whose scope and content varies depending on the project. In this field we have developed numerous projects for different departments, with satisfactory results for the client.

Projects of preventive, corrective and compensatory measures

in many studies of environmental impact it’s necessary to develop specific measures that require a team of qualified and experienced personal.

Environmental Monitoring Plan

Once issued the Resolution of the environmental procedure it’s necessary to check the validity of the study and its projections. We design monitoring plans that respond to the requirements of the Administration.

Environmental Monitoring at Work

According to the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement, it is necessary to conduct a series of monitoring activities to verify that the project does not generate an impact higher than expected, confirming the execution of preventive and corrective measures. We have equipment and resources to provide a complete solution to our clients in this field.

Environmental monitoring in operation

as in the case of environmental monitoring work during the early years of the operational phase of the project or operation is usually necessary to conduct regular checks of the residual impacts of the project and the remedial measures incorporated to the same, to ensure its effectiveness and that the actual levels of impact are expected.