Services offered

Below are the different fields of action where we have grouped the activities we develop. In case you do not find exactly the service you are looking for, please consult us so we can respond as soon as possible.


We participate in the process of environmental impact assessment, regardless of the scope of the project pipeline. We advise the customer on the procedure to follow to achieve clearance of the project and documentation and additional technical studies required for each case.

Also, we perform environmental monitoring of the project, both at the stage of labor exploitation, according to the requirements to check the administration and customer needs.

The various services we offer are outlined in:

  • Preparation of Summary Report
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Projects of preventive, corrective and compensatory measures
  • Environmental Monitoring Plan
  • Environmental Monitoring Works
  • Operational Environmental Monitoring


We develop projects in engineering and architecture in all its phases: feasibility analysis, preliminary studies; draft, basic, and construction projects. This facet also made in the preparation of technical documentation for tenders, where the develop of solutions tailored to customer needs it’s the most important, especially in relation to delivery times and budget.

Our team of engineers and architects is complemented with other resources that may be required for the development of each particular project, by specialists in different fields who work with us regularly and are involved in achieving the objectives.

The main activity areas in which we work, are summarized in the following non-exhaustive list:

3D model of a building for the Canal de Isabel II
  • Restoration of civil works
  • Sound insulation
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Quarries and gravel pits
  • Landfills and deposits of materials
  • Reforestation and forest management
  • Hydrological restoration and correction
  • Use planning and natural resource management
  • Building and special designs


SILVOTEC is a company renowned in the field of environmental consulting, an area which encompasses the work associated with any needs that may arise in relation to our clients to:

Sampling of water
  • Preparation of tender documentation for tenders and bids
  • Reports and environmental assessments
  • Waste management plans
  • Studies of Management of Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Reports of contaminated soils
  • Reports for compliance with legal requirements
  • Environmental training and courses
  • Training and courses in occupational risk prevention
  • Plans for Sustainable Water Management
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Ecological products and sustainability. Ecolabel


We are specialized in technical work in various fields related to the natural environment, usually in response to very specific needs of our customers, or as part of wider work in which we are accustomed to working in multidisciplinary teams, both through direct contracts with the end customer or through subcontracting.

These are the main activities in this area:

Noise measurements in a road work
  • Noise and Vibration Studies
  • Surveying, boundaries and restated
  • Photo reports
  • Archaeological surveys
  • Environmental ratings
  • Inventories of trees
  • Studies of fauna and flora
  • Analysis of water and air
  • Study of pollutant dispersion
  • Rural development plans
  • Studies of soil quality
  • Geographic Information Systems