We are specialized in technical work in various fields related to the natural environment, usually in response to very specific needs of our customers, or as part of wider work in which we are accustomed to working in multidisciplinary teams, both through direct contracts with the end customer or through subcontracting.

These are the main activities in this area:

Noise measurements on motorway Survey in tree nursery

Noise and Vibration Studies

We do all phases of the study, from data capture in the field with sound level meter to the acoustic modeling with dedicated software. We also design the most appropriate corrective measure in each situation.

Surveying, boundaries and restated

as a starting point for almost any project which modifies the field, or studies related to the environment, topography is an almost essential element. We perform both classical and topography surveying with GPS equipment, with the precision required for each type of project. We also perform the redesign of the project in the field, so as to properly execute the work or project.

Photo reports

we carried out photographic work to support projects and reports, which illustrate and provide insight into the real state of the environment. We have great quality equipment and extensive experience in this field.

Archaeological excavations

Archaeological surveys

Our team of archaeologists has extensive experience in all types of archaeological works, adapting the optimal team required to meet the requirements of the competent in each situation.

Environmental ratings

in relationship with elements of the natural environment, such as damage to trees, property, facilities, incidents of contamination, etc ..., which has to have a knowledge of the intrinsic values of natural resources and associated.

Tree stock aging

Inventories of trees

to provide the necessary information in case you need to know the options of transplant vegetation affected by other projects, or if you want to know the species and trees in a given area. We have equipment to perform measurements and determine the size and age of the tree to assess.

Studies of fauna and flora

our specialists in different areas performs botanical and faunal surveys and inventories for the diversity and abundance of species present in a territory, and to obtain appropriate information to the end that is intended as a study of fragmentation of the territory, barrier effect, presence of endemic or threatened species, etc…

Analysis of water and air

in collaboration with accredited laboratories, we design and conduct studies to ascertain the quality of air and water, required in many studies and reports of all kinds, both for the pre-meet to assess its evolution over time.

Pollutant dispersion model results

Study of pollutant dispersion

we carried out dispersion models and chimney sizing studies using specialized software to check compliance with the emission and immission levels of contaminants and to explore different design alternatives and location of outbreaks.

Rural development plans

to discuss the reality of a given territory (municipality, region ...) and to propose alternatives and solutions for sustainable development in accordance with the aspirations of all those involved in them, incorporating the most advanced tools and concepts.

Soil samples taken in study

Studies of soil quality

in collaboration with accredited laboratories, we design and conduct the necessary studies to determine the quality of soil and its characteristics, usually in support of other studies or reports that accurately define the possible existence of episodes of contamination, vulnerability or characteristics physico-chemical properties of a particular soil. These studies also show the suitability of land for the replanting certain species in a restoration project or restocking.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

as a key tool at present for the development of environmental studies, we conduct studies and specific GIS applications, as well as support for studies than in the form of tools for end customers. We start from the use of open source applications, so that the cost impact on the customer is the development of the tool, not the cost of the software, which can then provide it to all the workplaces without paying a price for each license.